As a person who’s been forced to “start over” countless times in my life, I know it’s a terrifying prospect. To love the person you are, you have to go back to the drawing board sometimes.

This is particularly true at the ends of things such as jobs or relationships – or following big events like finishing school, becoming a parent, or coming out. Each of those situations represents closing one chapter and opening another.

This shouldn’t be scary because living your truth should be encouraged and embraced.

However, we all brace ourselves to be scared out of our minds because the world can suck.

Figuring out who you are right now and who you want to be down the road (whether that is in a month, year or decade – in my case) is an extremely personal exercise that you can’t avoid if you want true, lasting happiness.

I hope you’ll explore the inner workings of your mind, body, and spirit – that you will open your arms to the life you deserve to live. Living as the real you is harder than it should be and more painful than you expect sometimes. That’s a messy part of the human condition but so worth it in the end.

After all, if you aren’t living as YOU…

YOU aren’t really living at all.

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