Your future is waiting.

How Do You Feel?

  • Are you tired of hearing about magical transformation? As if you’re going to follow a random system that suddenly makes you into an entirely different human overnight?
  • Does it frustrate you to have self-help people tell you that the problem is your commitmentfocus, or ability to follow the plan? As if the only thing you need to worry about is becoming “the best version of you” rather than your job, house, relationships, finances, health, and on and on.
  • Do you find that many personal development products function on comparison…the single biggest toxic trait of social media? As if not doing a specific list in the right order somehow means you’re falling behind other people “just like you?”

A Spectacular Being...That's YOU

The truth is that YOU are not like ANYONE ELSE.

Your life story is magnificently unique.

Sure, many of us have common threads but…what we were exposed to, how the people in our lives reacted (or didn’t), whether the issues were resolved (or not), and how you handled every obstacle in your path from your first memory to right now has sculpted you into a singular being.

Just like eating plans, not every “fresh start” idea works for every person. We come from different places and everyone has vastly different needs to fulfill. You need to know yours.

In order to live the life you deserve, you have to go back to the beginning.

All the best intentions in the world, a new location, financial stability, or a yoga class won’t help long-term if you don’t address past trauma, toxic relationships, and poor habits that make it impossible for you to heal and move forward.

The random damaging bits and pieces of your past hold you back mentally, emotionally, physically…and are often kept in place by you because familiar pain can feel safer than the fear inspired by the thought of something new.

Who is Shayne McClendon?

My name is Shayne McClendon and I’m no “self-help guru.” I'm a mom, a friend, and a prolific writer of romantic fiction.

For the past twelve years, I've worked as a full-time ghostwriter and researcher for some of the biggest experts in the health + wellness industry. I've written about most of the topics that probably come to your mind immediately. 

The big money is in anything having to do with cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and so forth. The diseases and conditions that have laid waste to humanity. The killers. 

That's where most of my colleagues make their living and it is lucrative. With my experience, I could have taken that path as well. 

I didn't want to talk about death and dying.

I wanted to talk about life and living.

I started to notice there were things - mental and emotional health in particular - that no one was talking about. Big aspects of the human condition were left unaddressed, no solutions were forthcoming, as if they didn't exist. 

Let me tell you right now that I'm not in this to get rich. I would love to be financially secure like everyone else but money is not my goal. 

I Want to Help You

I am a flawed human being with very real mental health issues caused by severe physical, emotional, and sexual abuse.

Toxicity that existed from my earliest memories...

That I then allowed into my life as an adult.

I have lived in fear and stress for the majority of my life…

  • Spent almost fifty years reacting to the world around me rather than being proactive for my own happiness and fulfillment.
  • Allowed awful people to have access to my mental and physical space because I didn’t recognize the value of my own peace.
  • Struggled financially because risk terrified me and fooled myself into thinking “If I could just make enough to keep the lights on” that I was satisfied with that.
  • Worried so much about what others thought about me that I molded myself into their image of acceptable.
  • Didn’t say NO when I should have a thousand times.
  • Waited decades too long to recognize that what I wanted did not align with anyone else in my life and to strike out on my own, win or lose.
  • Refused to think about my past trauma because I had “moved on” – not realizing that it was still affecting my daily life choices, relationships, and ability to find happiness.
  • Pretended “positive thinking” was the answer to my undiagnosed depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and unacknowledged pain – delaying my own healing by more than thirty years.
  • Followed the “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” philosophy until the boots disintegrated…and was still no better, no further, no happier in my life.

The fact of the matter is that I didn’t have access to things that might have helped me when I was a child and young adult. I wasn’t taken to doctors or therapists because that would have exposed my abusers.

When I grew up and escaped that environment, I didn’t have the money or insurance that made it possible to see them. [To be fair, I know many people who did have access to professional help and resources…who still suffer horribly with unresolved trauma.]

Love & Live Fearlessly is based on my life, my experiences, and what has worked – in the most dire circumstances – to keep making me get up and live every day.

To someone without trauma, perhaps this sounds a bit dramatic. If you’ve lived a good life, a happy life, I cannot express how glad I am for you. I have met shockingly few individuals – particularly women – who can say that and mean it.

What I do for myself isn’t perfect by any means. I still experience “spirals” into darkness, sadness, and frustration…but I keep going. No matter what.

That’s my superpower.

I’ll share my life with you…the mistakes I’ve made, the consequences I’ve paid, what I do to keep going…and maybe my story will help you.

You can answer a few burning questions that you have about YOUR LIFE.

And even more importantly…about YOUR FUTURE.

  • How do you confront your past…and lay it to rest?
  • Can you stop the emotional bleeding from wounds you’ve suffered?
  • Do you want to banish the toxicity in your life?
  • What do you truly want your life to be…no matter your age?
  • Where do you (really) go from here?

When you sign up to Love & Live Fearlessly, you’ll get an instant free download of “Got Love?” in PDF. Think of it as your quick-start guide to thinking about yourself a little more.

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