You know that off-balance feeling you get when you enter a new relationship, start a new job, or move into a new place…that slight feeling of uncertainty or unease?

That’s your intuition whispering to you.

It is your lizard brain – the survival instinct humans developed to outwit predators – getting the “something is off” vibe. A part of you is on high-alert, worried, and ready to run.

Most people (particularly women) are taught that this is anxiety, shyness, introversion, or insecurity. We are taught to ignore it if the person or situation is lucrative enough.

Don’t rock the boat. Don’t cause a scene. God forbid you’re perceived as “mean” or a “bitch.”

I ignored my intuition most of my life.

For decades, I’ve been insanely trusting to my own detriment…

  • This job is paying me more than I’ve ever made so pretend my aggressive, sexually predatory boss is just kidding…surely it’s all in good fun.
  • This man is more responsible and financially stable than my past relationships so pretend his toxic masculinity and infidelity can be cured with kindness and a good woman.
  • This place fits in my budget so ignore the fact that the other residents are users and your landlord is an actual lunatic who screams and throws things.

I’ve let people close to me who never should have been. I’ve shared resources with friends who stole from me when I had nothing left to give. I’ve stayed in jobs that made me physically ill while I hid my severe internal panic. I’ve been married three times and never should have been married ONCE.

Listen to your intuition.

When you get that feeling in the pit of your stomach that something is off…trust it. Even if you rock the boat. Even if you have to cause a scene. Even if (and this can happen) you turn out to be wrong. Examine things from a distance and circle back if your gut gives the all-clear.

Your lizard brain is looking out for you…give the poor thing a break.

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