In the past several weeks, the universe has given me a very clear push toward my fiction writing. I must heed that direction completely and immediately.

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Wishing You Well

The more chaotic you feel on the inside, the more important it is to pause and regroup. If you are anxious, stressed, or don’t feel well…your tasks are going to be an even bigger struggle. It’s okay to take five for yourself.

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3 Amazing Ways to Relax

As a person who’s been forced to “start over” countless times in my life, I know it’s a terrifying prospect. To love the person you are, you have to go back to the drawing board sometimes. It is usually terrifying…

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Reinvention of YOU

No matter your age, there’s an exercise that can fit smoothly into your life. If you haven’t considered adding the incredible benefits of tai chi to your daily routine, you absolutely should!

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7 Outstanding Benefits of Tai Chi

You know that off-balance feeling you get when you enter a new relationship, start a new job, or move into a new place…that slight feeling of uncertainty or unease? That’s your intuition…

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Don’t Ignore Your Intuition

I’ve fought against all odds to be where I am today – alive and thriving. I’m a survivor…and if you’re reading this, you are a survivor, too. Let’s get to work.

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Change Your Life – Love Your Life


REAL change starts with love. Not just any kind of love – the most overlooked kind…loving yourself. 

There are 5 ways to love yourself that you need in place to create the life you TRULY want.

That’s why I made this FREE special report just for you. 

Think of it like a mini quick-start guide to giving yourself the love and attention you deserve.

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